Why Would You Choose Online Dating?

by on December 7, 2012

Online dating websites are here to stay and there may come a time in your life when you will find yourself considering the merits of finding your “perfect match” without meeting them first.
Perhaps you have been concentrating on building up your career for most of your young adult life and find yourself past your mid-thirties with very little experience of the dating game and even less time to spend socialising and waiting for dating opportunities to arise.
Maybe you are on your way down the other side of the “divorce mountain”, you have decided to trust the opposite sex again and feel suitably in control of your emotions to start to emerge from your protective cocoon.
Being single definitely has its plus points, especially when you are young with lots of mates to entertain you and occupy your time but you may find a time arrives when all your friends are pairing up, getting married and starting families.
If you are female you may possibly start to actually hear your biological clock starting its 12 O’clock chime and realise if you don’t take action now to find yourself a partner, you may end up on your own – the batty old spinster with 15 cats for company!
So, you have given yourself a good talking to and decided you are going to take the plunge and check out the dating scene. But why would you choose online dating?
It takes a lot of courage and confidence in your looks and personality to take the first step into dating but one or two nice comments from potential admirers can actually give your confidence a boost.  Online dating gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ without revealing your personal contact details. You can sit in the comfort of your own home in your dressing gown and slippers with a glass of wine and a good friend and check out the photos and profiles of all the thousands of hopefuls who have already joined the dating site.
You don’t have to contact anybody – no one is pushing you into this, but you might just spot someone whose photo catches your eye and their profile makes you smile, then you have to make the decision whether to upload your own profile and photos and make yourself available to view.
You can narrow down your searches by personal criteria and lifestyle choice. Do you want to be matched to someone with the same religious choices as yourself? Are you looking for someone within the same ethnic group? Do you want to take on someone else’s children? Date a widower? Would you date someone who is separated rather than divorced?
There are so many choices to make before you have even contacted anyone, but life is full of choices – make the most of it – get out there and start dating!

Sharron Taylor gives her view on online dating, as she often writes articles on behalf of www.relationship.com.

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