Why is Online Dating Better than the Real Thing

by on August 20, 2012

Are you starting to lose track of the number of horrible dates that you have been on? You’ve met people in bars, at work, at college, even in the street, but none of them have worked out for you? You are not alone. If you are at the point where you are at a loss as to what to do, have you considered online dating? It has some downsides, sure – everything does. However, if you are careful and get to know people really well, always looking for inconsistencies between what their profile says and your conversations, you actually might find your perfect match!
The initial step of having to create your online dating profile can actually be quite revealing. It forces you to take a look at yourself and see how you may appear through another person’s eyes. Many of the personality questions delve deep into your character, which help you to not only discover more about your own personality, but also help you to have more of an understanding of what you want from your perfect partner. Having to complete this list of questions will make you think about them like you have never done before, giving you an insight into how you are perceived and how you could be perceived. Furthermore, when you add your profile picture, it gives you the opportunity to see yourself as you want other people to be seen and as you want yourself to be seen.

Being able to narrow down your preferences about what you want from your perfect partner can also be an extremely easy way of filtering out anyone who you instantly know you are not going to get along with. In the real world, you are not able to do this and have to guide your conversations towards difficult questions about their preferences and character in order to find out that they are completely unsuitable.
Furthermore, even after filtering out the people that you know you won’t get along with, the real dating world will never be able to offer you so many choices as the virtual one. Real world dating is limited to the people in your immediate surroundings, even if you are into speed dating. A dating site gives you the opportunity to meet people from anywhere in the world, and there is sure to be someone for you.
When you meet people online, you are perfectly clear about exactly what they want and so are they about your intentions. Think about it – how long does it take in a real relationship to ask questions like “Where is this going?”, “Do you ever want to get married?”, “Do you want to have children?”? It takes weeks, months, even years… And how long does it take in an online dating site? Just a glance at a profile, or a simple email question!


I am sure you have already figured out that it’s much easier to speak your mind when you are sat in the safety of your own home, behind the veil of your computer. Conversations often tend to turn into deeper discussions about feelings, inner-most thoughts and desires. It’s much easier to talk about these things when you don’t have to look at each other’s faces and reactions. And it’s much easier to react honestly to such conversations when you have time to consider them.


Now let’s discuss another aspect – intimacy. In the real world, a rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t take your relationship to the next level until at least after the third date. Often, the physical attraction is there to begin with though and the rule of thumb is not obeyed – a recipe for disaster! Online dating gives you the incredible gift of time, the time to spend hours and hours getting to know one another. You could even discuss that subject if you are both comfortable with it. Then, when you finally meet you are really ready to take it to another level and are really prepared for what the other wants.
Why is online dating better than the real thing? It gives you opportunities, time and comfort which the real world never could.


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