What Women Want in a Man

by on September 27, 2011

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Ah, this age old question has been puzzling men for thousands of years. What do women want in a man? And still, society has not been able to come up with an answer. Why? Because even women don’t know what they want. Or at least, we think we don’t know what we want. Sure, many women want the handsome man with a 6 figure income who will shower them with love and attention… and of course, presents. But how much of that is an actual dealbreaker? To most women, it’s not necessary.

Here are basic criteria that women (and pretty much everyone else) want in a man….

Women want someone who they can be comfortable enough to be themselves in front of

-dating is a huge game. We meet each other, pretend to be a better, more well-mannered and refined version of ourselves and then once we’re settled in a relationship the façade all melts away. Women want someone who will love them for them: someone who will love them without makeup on, someone they can share their deepest, darkest secrets with and not feel like they’re being judged, someone who they can be completely silly with and still be taken seriously when they’re trying to be serious. Acceptance is what we’re all looking for as human beings and women are no different. We want someone who can be our best friend, who we can talk to about anything and who won’t make us feel stupid about the little things we try to discuss.

Women want someone who is stable

-stability is the crucial foundation to any relationship. This is formed on mutual love, trust and care for one another. True stability has to exist in all aspects of the relationship. Starting with money, most women don’t care if their partner pulls in 6 figures. We just want a man that can ensure that our future life with them will be secure. We want a home, a car, some extra spending money for fun and a nice cushion so that we can spend the rest of our lives with you. With that being said, it isn’t always about the man’s income. We’ll help too. Emotional stability is also very important. We don’t want a man who will fly into a jealous rage every time another man talks to us. We want someone who is secure enough with themselves, us and the relationship to give us their trust. And we don’t want someone who is moody. A real man should be strong enough to realize that not every problem is worth getting upset over.  But on the other hand, a real man should be smart enough to know when a problem warrants him letting his guard down and asking for help dealing with it from his partner.

Women want someone who is willing to compromise

-we want someone who is open to trying new things with us. Compromise shows that you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone to try to make the other person happy. Keep in mind that compromise isn’t about bending over backwards for another person. Successful compromise occurs when both parties have discussed all possible options to come up with a solution that works for both of them. Love isn’t about sacrifice. It’s about being with someone who can be your partner in crime, who you can take the next steps with in this adventure called life.

Women want someone who wants to make us feel special

-we want someone that will do things to make us happy. Not because they feel obligated to, but because they just want to see that smile on our face. This is the problem with nice guys. They’re nice to everybody. This doesn’t give us comfort that we’re special. Instead it says that you’re willing to give to the same things to everybody else just because you’re a nice person. We don’t want that. We want someone that we can clearly see is being nice to us because they want to see us smile. Now, many boys use this technique but in the wrong way. Many boys are nice to girls because they want something from them. We can see through that. We don’t want boys that are nice to us just because they expect something back in return. We want someone who will do special things for us because they want us to be happy. There’s a huge difference.

Women want someone who can challenge us to be a better person

-this is one of the most neglected aspects of a relationship. As humans, we need to be continuously growing all the time. We need some kind of indicator of progression otherwise everything will fall apart. We want to be with someone who we admire, who makes us feel like anything is possible and who makes us want to be a better person, always. Don’t get this confused with someone making their partner feel inferior. This should never be in the context of feeling small next to your partner. Instead it’s about wanting to grow together and elevate yourselves to a potential you never knew you had.

Women want someone who is open to letting us in

-sometimes our experiences can turn us bitter and jaded. We put walls up and expect others to want to tear them down. Women don’t want someone like that. Relationships should be easy. There shouldn’t be any need for games. People should be able to wear their heart on their sleeve and not be so afraid of getting hurt. Unfortunately, people are so afraid of getting hurt that they wind up hurting the other person too. This needs to stop. Women want someone who is ready to let themselves fall in love and who they’re sure won’t toy with their emotions. Women are insecure when it comes to men. If it feels like you’re not into us, we’ll convince ourselves we’re not into you either and shut down emotionally. We want someone who can communicate to us exactly what their needs and requirements are and we’ll do the same.

article written by Angie

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yummielicious January 26, 2012 at 6:34 am

women wants a RESPONSIBLE man .. and even if they not getting laid into bed.. he will still be there on your side.. men who’s not addicted to SEX .. and men who respect you all the time.


lm August 8, 2012 at 3:23 pm

I’m all of these things to my girlfriend and she still acts ungrateful and bitchy with me. I give up.


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