What Women Look For In Mr. Right

by on July 20, 2011

Most men want to know what women look for in Mr. Right, and most men get it wrong. A man might think that girls are looking for qualities such as money, good looks or even a car that they are driving – but it is a completely wrong misconception. Women look for something else way beyond that when it comes to looking for Mr. Right – His confidence.

Honestly, most men diminish their chances of being the “Mr. Right” even from the get go as they often project signals of low self-esteem. Among signs that a man has low self-esteem is the feeling of nervousness when around girls, the sense of insecurity and helplessness, and even at times, immaturity. A man will never be Mr. Right if he is too quiet, and he constantly avoids eye contact. Confidence is everything women look for in men.

If you notice, confident men are the ones that always get the attention from women, no matter how disorganized looking he is, no matter how he dresses or what he drives. A confident man projects the proper body language, which gives off a charming vibe to women. Being strong, humorous, positive, and articulate makes a man much more attractive – increasing his chances of being Mr. Right.

Having confidence help to build strong chemistry with women. Women like confident men who are protective and in control, ones who know exactly what they are doing, when to do what they have to do, and when to say the right things as well as being emotionally prepared. Women also like men who are appropriately exciting. A man who takes them on a thrill-ride while being safe, a man who is mature and trustworthy yet unpredictable.

Another important quality women look for in Mr. Right is the chances of the man succeeding in life and in a relationship. He needs to be tolerant, and know how to deal with various situations. He also should have a clear view of his future, and at the same time knows how to take care of a relationship. All of these qualities are sparked by confidence.

So in order for men to become Mr. Right, they have to BE Mr. Right. Start by throwing away all negativity and focus on the positivity. Highlight on the strengths and work on the weaknesses. Most importantly, the man should accept himself for the way he is in order to be confident. Be confident, dare are to take risks, and never fear rejection – and a man is on his way to project himself as Mr. Right in the eyes of women.

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Everything £5 November 5, 2012 at 4:04 am

very interesting topic a sure plus! I think its the good chemistry that matches both, if a woman finds something interesting to a man then that can be a right one to think about. just a thought


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