What to Write in an Online Dating Profile

by on May 27, 2012

Online Dating Profile ButtonPutting together an online dating profile can be a work of art. I have previously discussed the importance of picking a winning headline and screen name – but now let’s get down to the base of the online dating profile, which on some online dating sites is referred to as ‘the biography’, ‘about me’ or ‘description’.

5 Things You Should Include in Your Online Dating Profile

-          What type of partner are you seeking? So many people make the mistake of leaving this out of their online dating profile and when they do it leaves the viewer’s guessing whether or not they might have a chance at compatibility or not.  Don’t go overboard though when filling out this part, just a couple key things that you are looking for in your partner that are mush haves. Examples may include non-smoker, no kids, someone at least 5’8”…..etc.

-          Hobbies. Let everyone know what you enjoy doing in your spare time. This is a great way to attract others that have similar interests as you do. For instance if you take a couple sentences explaining why you like fishing and where you like fishing, there may be someone out there that shares that exact same interest.

-          Write about your goals in life. What is it that you want to achieve? People that are goal driven and working hard to better themselves are sure to spark more of an interest in someone’s eyes than those that won’t share what it is they want out of life.

-          Who’s important in your life? This could be anything from your pet dog or the members of your family. Just with every other part of the online dating profile, keep this short and sweet and to the point.

-          Include some humor and the adventurous side of you. You should have at least one of these that you can write about in your online dating profile. This section should be original and if it is done right it will make your online dating profile stick out from the rest.


5 Things You Should Not Include in Your Online Dating Profile

-          Keep the Exes out of It. Seriously people don’t care about your ex or why the two of you broke up. This is a subject that can be brought up much later in the meeting process if at all. It has no part in your online dating profile.

-          Bad Spelling. Use a spell check before making your dating profile live. Also many people out there don’t find slang language attractive either….but some do,  I would leave it out though.

-          Negativity. Do not rant or even bring up negative things in your profile such as how much you hate you job or how much you hate living with your parents (really?). You’re not going to be scoring any hot internet dates by bitching, whining and moaning in your description field.

-          Lies. When making your online dating profile it’s easy to stretch the truth to make yourself look and seem more appealing to the member browsing your profile. But if you choose to lead a life of lies, remember that it will come back to bite you in the ass sooner or later.

-          Keep Your Ego to a Minimum. Don’t brag about how good looking you are or how many dates you go on in any given week. Especially don’t brag about how much money you make or how ‘awesome’ you are. If you truly are that ‘awesome’ let them find out for themselves when you finally meet up with your online date.

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