Types of Online Dating Sites

by on July 21, 2011

When most people think about online dating sites, they practically put them into two different types of categories, and those are the free online dating sites, and the paid online dating sites. I am going to go a little deeper though into they types of sites that are out there.

General Dating Sites

These are the ones that cover the basics for you trying to find a relationship. Some of the biggest are Match and Plentyoffish. These sites generally allow you to upload photos, chat with other members and also message them. As I stated above some of these sites you have to pay for while others are free of charge. The general dating sites make up the majority of the sites that are out there on the internet.

Dating Sites for Marriage

For those that are sick of going on pointless dates that rarely lead to anything more than a one night stand, take part in these types of sites. The biggest one that is out there at this time is eHarmony, and in a close second is Chemistry. If you are someone that is looking for just casual dating, this may not be the best place for you to be looking.

Adult Dating Sites

Usually 18+ years of age to join these sites. Many will come here to find people to hook up with for one night, meet other couples, or have an affair. If you do not want to settle down with anyone and just want to have some fun – these are the types of sites that you should be going to. One of the more popular types of adult dating sites would be Fling and Adultfriendfinder, and there are plenty of other adult dating sites that are on the up and coming.

Niche Dating Sites

This could be based on anything from religion, race, body type, and so on. If you are looking to date only people that are Jewish, then there is a site for you out there. If you are in the military and are looking for other singles that are in the military, then there is a site for you.

Mail Bride Dating Sites

I am not too familiar with these, so I really cannot comment on them. I have heard many of them are just scams to take your money, so the only reason I am putting this on here is to give you a heads up. If anyone reading has had a good experience with these, then please feel free to share that experience with us in the comments section.

Online dating has grown so much in the last decade, just to take a quick estimate, I believe that there are more than 1,000 dating sites on the internet as of today. That number is only going to continue to grow, so don’t be overwhelmed if you are just getting aquainted with online dating, take your time, read the reviews, ask your friends, and find a few to sign up with, and let your journey begin.

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