Top 10 Signs That The Relationship Isn’t a Keeper

by on November 1, 2012

Top 10 signs that your relationship isn’t a keeper

‘I didn’t see it coming’ is a common complaint, but the fact is that most relationship breakdowns do not come as a surprise. There are some very clear indicators that your relationship is not as strong as it’s supposed to be.


In the first throes of new love, it’s impossible to stop talking to each other. If you’re not talking to each other, then you’re talking about each other to your friends. It’s quite usual for this intensity to fade over time, but when you start to go days without speaking, then you know that something’s amiss.

Future talk

Making plans for the future is a big part of a relationship. You talk about holidays, houses, jobs – anything that shows that you are making plans together. Then it stops. You can barely talk about where you want to go on holiday next year, let alone what you’ll be doing ten years down the line.


When you first start seeing each other, your dates are well-planned and you took time arranging the perfect romantic gestures. After a while, this descends into nights spent watching television in your pyjamas, or nights at the cinema, where you can avoid having to talk to each other.

Pushing the buttons

When you are in love with someone, any arguments that break out tend to be short lived. As the relationship deteriorates, you start to fight dirty. You know all the little weak spots and you’re not afraid to use them in an attempt to pull them down and make them feel truly horrible.

Flare ups

You used to be forgiving to each other, giving each other the benefit of the doubt when it came to little digs and jibes. Now, the slightest quip sends you into a full blown battle. When neither of you can say anything without the other starting a fight, it’s time to say your goodbyes.

Out in the open

Arguments used to be the things that you did alone, in the privacy of your own home. When the relationship is on the way out, these arguments start to spill out in public, as you are unable to let things lie until you get back. When you don’t care who hears you arguing, it’s a very clear sign.

Longing for singledom

If you are happy together as a couple, your thoughts tend towards thinking about life as a couple. When, however, your thoughts start to stray back to how free and happy you were before you got together, you know that things are not right. Starting to make plans that don’t include your partner is another sign that should not be ignored.

Keeping secrets

Loving couples should be able to tell each other everything. Trust forms the basis of a good relationship, but when you start holding back information because you feel that that trust is gone, you might want to start thinking about packing your bags.

Changing how you see them

Everyone does it. The cute gestures that are endearing, the laugh that you think is sweet. Then, the gestures become an annoying habit, the laugh starts to grate on your nerves. When we stop forgiving all the little foibles that our partner exhibits, then love is on the way out.

No more sex

There may be one or two medical reasons for a lack of interest, but often it’s just down to the fact that the spark has gone and the relationship has run its course.

This article was contributed by Lloyd, a freelance writer and blogger, on behalf of Switalskis Solicitors.

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