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by on August 9, 2011

Let’s step away from the online dating world for a minute. Let’s take it back to the basics, guys, let’s go back to picking up women at the grocery store, on the beach, at the mall, or where ever else in the world that boy and girl might cross paths.

First off guys, you are more than likely the one that is going to initiate the conversation, but if you have the right ‘tools’ at hand, then this can make it a bit more easier to approach a woman, and even get her to start off the conversation.

The best tool out there to pick up women in my opinion, is something that everyone has, and that is their eyes and smile. Granted not all of us may have the most handsome eyes or greatest teeth, but if you are a guy, and you have both of these characteristics, you sure as hell better be using them when you are trying to pick up women !!!

All it takes is a little bit of eye contact and a quick smile when walking past a woman you find attractive. If she so happens to smile back, then this is usually a good sign that she is interested in you.  This would be a good time to say a simple “hello” or a “how are your doing?”. Some of the best ice breakers when it comes to picking up women – but, once must also note, when it comes to online dating, these are not good ice breakers, you have to try harder.


A Cute Dog

One of the best tools out their for picking up women. The majority of women that are out there are dog lovers – and if they see you and your cute dog, they may be very intrigued to strike up a conversation with them, or at least give you a pretty stern invitation for you to do so. Women like small cute dogs, big dogs, just about any dog you can imagine, and if you learn to be a jedi female pick up artist – you can even train your dog to help you pick up women.

Now go back to the eye contact and the smile, you are going to need that also. By no means are you automatically going to get a girlfriend or some girl to go out on a date with you just because of the simple fact you have a cute dog. A cute dog is only a tool to help you pick up women, not a miracle worker.


A Baby

Way better than a cute dog. IMO. A baby is the best tool for picking up ‘certain kind of women’ – mostly the better more sophisticated types of women that are out there. You don’t necessarily have to be the father either to get a girls attention, which is the most important part of picking up women in public places.

If you are walking around pushing a stroller with a cute kid in it, or walking down one of the isles in a grocery store while holding the kids hand, then you are going to get many chances to converse with women. Conversation can lead to bigger and better things. It’s the attention getter, breaking the ice, not feeling awkward when approaching a woman that has many guys baffled.

I have also seen some of my friends train their 1-2 year old to throw their binky at the foot of a woman that happens to be walking by – talk about a golden opportunity.

But seriously, the tool of choice for picking up women successfully, is a mans confidence in himself and everything he does. The baby, the puppy, the smile and the handsome eyes will only get you so far, if you are confident when talking to a woman for the first time, make sure your eyes are locked to hers when speaking. Just a couple of tips for the guys that need it to better their chances on how to pick up women.

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