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by on August 14, 2011

As you are browsing through online dating sites looking for that special somebody, you are sure to notice that there are a lot of members around that don’t even have a photo of them self uploaded to the site. They have the description – the essay – and everything else, but no photo. If you happen to be one of those people that setup an online dating profile, but have not yet uploaded a photo, you are setting your self up for failure, and basically just wasting your time.

Many online dating sites have done studies, that people with photos get more than 10 times the contacts than those that do not have an online dating photo. To be honest with you – when I was dating online many people would contact me that didn’t have a photo up, and I wouldn’t even bother opening up the email, much less respond to them. Here at – we make it mandatory to upload a photo, one of the few online dating sites that do this.


Why People Don’t Post Pictures on Their Dating Profile

One of the main reasons could be that they just aren’t taking online dating seriously. And this is why I don’t take them seriously when they contact me.

They could also be spammers, who are just trying to lure you to another site, usually a paid one, and get your money. These types of profiles are created in bulk and usually last a couple days before the site mods come in and delete the profile. They send you an email usually to guys, saying something like “hey cutie, check out my photos at”. These types of scams are on every popular social network around.

They may also just be insecure about how they look. If this is the case, you are still setting yourself up for failure. You can’t keep hiding from people if you are trying to find love online, you have to get out there and get a photo up for good sakes.

Others may just not want to be seen on an online dating site – as they think someone they know will find them on their, and they may get embarrassed or what not. If this happens to be the case, then you will have to realize that online dating is just not for you.

Posting Your Best Online Dating Profile Picture

The picture is pretty much the most important part of you online dating profile, and it is going to determine whether the person looking at your profile, even bothers to read your messages or just deletes them immediately. An ideal profile photo, should be one that consists of just you. You should not be wearing sunglasses, a hat, or anything else that would be ‘hiding’ what you really look like.

Also take caution if you are someone that wants to post a photo of you with your pet cat, or dog. By doing this you are basically saying, you will love my cat also, if you want to be with me. If this is what you are wanting out of a man or a woman, than by all means go ahead and post a photo of yourself with your pet – just be warned that you may scare some potential matches away also.

You should also take caution if you are posting a picture of yourself with your kid. Some people may be totally cool with this, while it may scare others away also, which may be a good thing if they are not wanting to date anyone that has kids. When guys see girls posting pics with them and their kids, they are thinking that they will want them to be a father figure to their children. When women see pictures of guys with their kids – they may think “hey this guy a good guy”. Just my opinion.

Make sure that you are taking the picture with a decent quality digital camera. These days even the cheapest digital cameras out there take pretty good photos – especially for social networking profile pictures. Anything over 5 megapixels is going to take a pretty good picture, so keep that in mind if you have a camera phone and like taking pictures.

Dress to impress in the photo. Pick out some clothes that are going to show off your features. For instance if you have brown eyes, you may want to where a brown shirt, same with blue eyes, a blue shirt may make your eyes stand out more. If you have a great smile – don’t be afraid to show them teeth off either.

Picking Out Your Best Profile Picture

Remember what you think may be your best profile picture, the opposite sex may not agree with what you think, and when you are looking for a date online, it really doesn’t matter what you think makes you look good if other people don’t think so. One trick that I used to do – is I would pick out what I thought were my 5 best photos of myself, and then I would take them over to, and I would let the people rate them. This may be some work as you have to rate other people for them to rate your photo, but it is a great way to figure out which photo would be best to use as your main photo for your online dating profile.

If the other photos get decent ratings, don’t be afraid to add those to your profile either. I would say that 5 is a good number of photos that you should have up on your online dating profile. Keep them original though. Don’t put 5 photos of yourself up, wearing the same outfit, standing in front of the same background.

Also – I have stressed this many times, and have to because it is so important, but don’t lie in your photo, meaning that you should keep the photo recent. Within a year at the most. Some people post outdated photos of themselves on the internet – and when they finally meet up with the person face to face, they look nothing like they did in their profile picture. This is just going to upset people, and ultimately waste peoples time.


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Dating Seekers April 12, 2012 at 4:37 pm

I have written articles on this subject before and I always state that if you are a guy keep your shirt on and your don’t have photos with your car next to you lol. Lots of guys think girls love muscles, but a guy in a suit will win over a guy with his shirt of muscle or not!


profile picture May 7, 2012 at 7:25 pm

Many online dating sites have done studies that people with photos get more than 10 times the contacts than those that do not have an online dating photo.
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