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by on July 26, 2011

Article by Rachel

Take it from someone who’s been in quite a few disastrous relationships and very few good ones: relationship advice for women is usually horrible and you shouldn’t listen to it.

Advice columns and articles written by men, regarding relationship advice for women, are obviously a bit biased. The same articles and advisories written by women can be just as biased, however. Both sides tend to miss important pieces of relationship advice for women: if the relationship isn’t working and you’re unhappy, it’s time to leave.

This is the best relationship advice for girls and guys alike: do what makes you happy.

One of the biggest mistakes that I’ve seen women make in relationships, and I admit I’ve even done it myself, is staying in a relationship because you want your significant other to be happy and you don’t want to hurt them.

Staying in a relationship for the happiness of someone other than you is silly. I know it may sound like I’m telling you to be selfish, and I am. But in the long run, if you stay in a relationship because only one of you is happy, both of you will end up miserable in the future. It may be a few months or several years, but it will happen. Do you really want to wait that long to realize that a relationship isn’t working?


Here’s a no-brainer. If you are unhappy in a relationship and have tried remedying things but you’re still not satisfied, it’s time to go. Caring for someone and loving someone are two different things that often conflict. But if only one of you is giving out all the love, and the other is just caring enough to get by, it’s time to realize that not every relationship is worth saving.

Many women miss important advice like this. Relationship advice for women is often a bunch of things you can do to try and save a relationship, but that’s not always what needs to be done.

Doing what makes you happy is truly the best relationship advice for women (and men as well) but most people don’t realize when they aren’t truly happy.

If you are questioning the amount of love that either you or your significant other is putting into the relationship, or if you aren’t sure whether a relationship is making you happy or not, you should ask yourself some important questions. Coping, settling, and tolerating does not equal happiness.

Have you settled on someone who doesn’t deserve you? Do they appreciate everything that defines who you are? Do they love you for you, or for what they want you to be? Does the purest form of your personality come out when you’re around them? Does making them happy, make you happy? Do you feel smothered or controlled? Does it make you angry? Does your significant other make you angry a lot? How much of their behavior do you hate and just tolerate? Have you turned to alcohol or drugs in order to cope with the stress from your relationship? Have you had more days of feeling depressed since you’ve been with them?

Ask yourself these questions and come up with a few on your own, then tell yourself if you are happy or not. Be honest with yourself.

When all other relationship advice for women fails, it’s time to start answering some important questions. If you can find out just how happy, or just how miserable, your relationship makes you, you’ll know what to do. Follow your heart, your soul, or just your common sense. Any way you look at it, your happiness with someone defines how successful the relationship is, and that’s the best relationship advice for women, men, and creatures of all shapes, sizes and colors.

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G Lee August 15, 2011 at 3:08 am

Hi, I like to thank you for your article on “relationship advice for women.” I agree with you on one point and that there is a lot of relationship advice out there, some good and some not so good. That is why women and men should be smart about who they take relationship advice from. One good point you did make in your article is to follow your heart. I really like that. thanks again and I look forward to reading more.


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