Reasons Why He Doesn’t Call Back

by on June 5, 2012

Why Doesn't He Call BackCall it the riddle of the sphinx but the truth is the most irritating thing comes up to be when the guy that you have been dating all these days does not call you back when you have been expecting the most. You keep wondering that what is it that has kept him so busy that he could not spare five minutes to call even after the fact that your date went extremely well, and you can’t help but ask yourself why doesn’t he call back?

Actually, it is more of your date who has the Pandora’s Box of reasons for not calling you back. A general interrogation done amongst male to shell out the reasons for not calling back their girlfriends, plurality of them admitted that they have numerous feminine stereotypes running at the back of their minds when they first met their date. They soon make efforts to nail you down that on which stereotype you fit the best and then seek evidence in order to suffice their premonition. So based on this perception he will be making up his mid to not to or to give you a call. Understated is the rundown of the most common reasons why he is not calling you up.

  1. He thinks that you are the boss lady: In case his perception is to be believed, he is actually hiring you and not dating you. He thinks that you are belligerent, excessively independent, and not warm. As the same time as you may be of the idea that he stands to be intimated by your achievements and accomplishments, he perceives that you are actually of a pricking attitude that nestling with you will be more like embracing a porcupine who is disguised as a sophisticated women. On the other hand, you stand to be successful, confident, and straight-forward, however, he is unable to all those flamboyant traits in you that are concealed behind the tough demeanor you have. Therefore, you will need to show your warm and sensitive side to him making your loved-filled heart evident to him.
  2. He thinks that you are Sadie Hawkins: You are making the best of your efforts to pursue him. You send him an e-mail saying thank you once you go back home after the date through which he instantaneously gets to know that you like him. Moreover, he starts thinking that you are the needy one and quite desperate to have him. Quite reverse to this, you sent an e-mail expressing your gratitude towards him just to exhibit your good manners to him and it was not at all intended to give him a second chance of asking you out. However, you will need to just wait and sit back and watch the actions instead of you asking him to repeat the practice again.

Spaced out from this, the aforesaid two reasons are the most common ones stating that men actually conceptualize the extreme situations with women which some of the most possible reasons why men do not just think of calling up their dates. All you need to do is just wait and watch and be moderate in your approach.

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Reese June 15, 2012 at 12:30 am

I have to agree with this. I have had a guy not call me after seeing each other for a few months because I am exactly number one: The boss lady. He even got more insecure because I have a lot of close guy friends.
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