Why is Online Dating Better than the Real Thing

August 20, 2012

Are you starting to lose track of the number of horrible dates that you have been on? You’ve met people in bars, at work, at college, even in the street, but none of them have worked out for you? You are not alone. If you are at the point where you are at a loss [...]

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When to Introduce Your Partner to Your Parents

July 24, 2012

When you are in a relationship that you think is about to get serious, you start thinking about introducing your girlfriend or boyfriend to your parents and family. But many may ask when is the right time to introduce my partner to my family? This depends, but take it from my experience, don’t do it [...]

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Reasons Why He Doesn’t Call Back

June 5, 2012

Call it the riddle of the sphinx but the truth is the most irritating thing comes up to be when the guy that you have been dating all these days does not call you back when you have been expecting the most. You keep wondering that what is it that has kept him so busy [...]

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What to Write in an Online Dating Profile

May 27, 2012

Putting together an online dating profile can be a work of art. I have previously discussed the importance of picking a winning headline and screen name – but now let’s get down to the base of the online dating profile, which on some online dating sites is referred to as ‘the biography’, ‘about me’ or [...]

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Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2012

Memorial Day weekend is among us once again, and for those that have are actively dating someone or engaged in a meaningful relationship, take advantage of this holiday and do something special (if your lucky enough to not be working that is). Remember though Memorial Day is dedicated to all of our fallen comrades that [...]

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Writing that First Online Dating Message

May 13, 2012

The online dating email message is the icebreaker, the first contact, and it’s also introducing yourself to whom you are attempting to get to know better. Making sure that you can write an effective online dating email is going to play a major role in determining your success with online dating. This is a subject [...]

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What Should You Get Your Wife for Mother’s Day?

May 5, 2012

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and most of us men will wait to the last minute to get our girlfriend or wife a Mother’s day gift. I am also in the same boat but I am going to start shopping now and also share with you some ideas of what to get your [...]

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When is the Right Time to Move In Together?

May 5, 2012

After a couple has been together for some time and they are comfortable with each other, they either consider getting married or moving in with each other. The reasons for couples moving in together are many: they want to spend more time together, under one roof; they see the futility of living at separate lodgings [...]

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5 Signs She’s Not Into You Anymore

April 28, 2012

Sorry guys, it happens, when you first met the two of you had excellent chemistry, but just recently you started seeing signs that she’s no longer interested in you. See most women won’t even bother to tell you that they are not interested in you anymore because they are cowards. So instead of breaking the [...]

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LovesOasis – a Free Online Dating Site

April 26, 2012

Are you sick of all the other free online dating sites that are out there? Want to give one of the newest ones in the United States a try? If so then LovesOasis is the dating site for you. But why choose us? We do not have advanced matchmaking features that you may see on [...]

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