Overcome Fear of Approaching Women

by on January 22, 2012

How does one overcome the fear of approaching women? For one, you can use fear itself, to be the motivation to approach the woman in the first place. After approaching hundreds of women over the years, I still get nervous and scared every time I do so, though I use that nervousness to my advantage as it is a little bit of a thrill that gets my heart racing.

You can compare it to Bungee jumping or riding a roller coaster, as it’s the fear that gets our adrenaline pumping making us do things we normally wouldn’t do.

But getting past that, we have to overcome that initial fear of talking to women you have never met before. First thing that you have to face is that you are going to get rejected, you may get rejected much more than the times you don’t.

Just think, the worst thing that can happen is she says ‘no’, or her boyfriend comes over and beats you to a pulp, but if you aren’t a jackass about how you approach the woman that shouldn’t happen.

Rejection is something that is going to happen though, especially if you are approaching women that are constantly approached by men day in and out, especially if they are out at a popular bar or night scene. They are used to being hit on with corny pick up lines and such, and they reject men almost on autopilot, so you have about 5 seconds to make an impression when approaching her.

Just don’t take it personal. You are probably not the first or last person to get rejected by that woman so don’t fret too much over it.

Now for the initial approach, you have to have confidence in yourself and quit thinking about failure. You also have to have a good approach, and by that I mean don’t start using pickup lines. Some people can pull off pick up lines and make them work, but those are guys that have no fear of approaching women, so not recommended for those that are still trying to get over the fear of approaching women.

Be honest and to the point when initiating conversation. The pickup line that worked best for me in my days of dating would be something like this: Hi my name is Joe, how are you doing this evening? This way she is pretty much forced to answer you. You can get a pretty good hint from her answer if she is interested in you or not just by asking this straight up easy question.

That is the hardest part. The initial approach. Once you get past that it is on to the conversation. Which is a whole other topic itself.

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