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Online Dating Profile

by on August 11, 2011

So you finally buckled down and decided to join an online dating site. You have already uploaded a photo, thought of a good headline for yourself, and know you are ready to move on. The next part of the online dating profile that you are going to have to fill out are the essay questions – in which just about every serious internet dating site that is out there will have.

While some sites will require you to fill out these essay questions, others will let you proceed without doing so. It is not recommended that you skip these essay questions. If you have writers block, at the moment, then it is perfectly okay to skip the essay questions, and return to them later to fill out.

So let’s get rid of that writers block. Let’s get some idea in your head on how you should be answering these essay questions so that you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity to get together with someone you like. Me personally, would start off by browsing the profiles of potential members that I may want to contact in the future. Why do this? For one it is going to give you an idea of what some of the types of women you are interested in, are actually interested in.

Then after that you can go ahead and view the answers to some of the questions that your competitors filled out. Most of them will be horrible, but then again it may give you a couple of ideas that you may want to put into your online dating profile.


What are some of the things you should not put into your online dating profile?

The most important thing is to not stretch the truth when you are filling out these questions. For the guys, as you start to browse profiles you are going to see that most women are looking for a man that is tall and financially stable, as for the ladies, most of the guys are going to be looking for a woman that is fit and is highly attractive.

It is so easy to stretch the truth when filling out your online dating profile, but it will definitely come back to bite you in the ass, I can promise you that.

Another thing that you should not be putting into your online dating profile – or the essay questions, are apologies and lack of self confidence when it comes time to filling out your online dating profile. Some examples of this may include “I have no idea what to write here…”, “I don’t even know why I joined this site..” etc. It makes you look stupid, and you are just setting yourself up for failure by doing so.

Do not type your profile in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This makes you look angry, not only that, it makes you look very uneducated. Learn how to type proper and add capitalization where it is necessary.

Keep the negativity to yourself. Don’t sit there and bitch about your ex and how your life is so tough right now and the whole entire world is against you. No one wants to hear that crap and they will be exiting your profile with a quickness to the next one if you do.



Things You Should Put in Your Online Dating Profile

Let others know what you are interested in. If you have been browsing profiles and actually reading them instead of just gawking over the users photos, then you should know how to do this effectively.

Insert some humor into your essay questions and biography, humor is a major plus when it some to making your online dating profile shine above the rest.

When filling out your interests, you should add a little bit of life to them, make the person viewing your profile feel your passions and interests. For instance, instead of saying “I like to play football” you could say, “Getting out on the Gridiron and putting the opposing team on their backs”. Instead of saying “I like golf” you could say “Getting out on the golf course and swinging my stress away”.

Be specific about the type of relationship it is you are looking for. If you are wanting to meet new friends and see where it goes from there, then put that. If you are looking for marriage, help raising your children, a soul mate, or simply just someone to go out with and date every once in awhile, be straight up about it, it’s going to save you a lot of drama.





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