Online Dating for Single Dads

by on July 28, 2011

Why is it that more than 30% of those that join online dating sites are single dads? Not really sure, but in my opinion it would be that they now have a responsibility, their kids, and they are sick of meeting up with random women at the bar every other weekend. Coming from someone who used to be a full time single dad, is when I turned to online dating. I was working 50 hours a week or more, and my nights were spent with my toddler at home usually, every once in a blue moon I would be able to go out and mingle – though never really met anyone that I felt comfortable with.

So with that being said - here are some online dating tips for the single dad. First thing that you have to do is make sure that you are presentable, especially when you start going on first dates with people that you met online. You want to be at your best – because if you are not, you could let the one that you are into slip away.

I know that the economy is tough, but get out there and buy a couple of nice new outfits – stuff that matches, ya know, style it up a bit. Go down to the local barber, or someone that you know that cuts hair – won’t hurt to be a little clean cut on top of the head.

When you do meet up for that first date, wherever that may be, you should take the time to get to know your date. That means keeping the kid talk to a bare minimum, but you should definitely make sure that she is aware that you have kids – as if this is something she just finds out on the 3rd or 4th date, it could send her running. With that being said, you should also keep the talk about your ex-girlfriend, or babies mama, out of the conversion, period, if she is the one that brings it up, then acknowledge it, but by no means shall you go into detail about it.

Dating for the single dad or single mom, especially when you have full custody of your kids, is a very hard task. Most single dads find it easier to actually look for single moms – and many great relationships have become of two parents getting together.


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