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by on March 3, 2012

Dating Happy CoupleDating – Making Them Timeless Moments of Love And Friendship

In life, most of us go through a phase of dating. A strange excitement takes over our heart and mind when we finally get that priceless opportunity to go out with someone we like. It is important to keep an open mind about this date and not take it as a signal of finality or culmination into a serious relationship. Enjoying the company of a beautiful person and sharing an evening of pleasant moments, laughter should be the focus of your date.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Dating

There are a few things that should be avoided on a date especially the first one. If you know you have a habit that’s really hard to shake off in a day’s time maybe you will have some homework to be done.

  • Dating is not about money or flourish of wealth. So pretence or flaunting is strictly not allowed.
  • Don’t insensitive to the other person and their feelings especially when you are talking of some serious issues. You may not realize but your date may be hurt.
  • Avoid talking of money and the things you have at home or the cars you drive and your personal watch collection. Sharing your hobbies and interests can be also possible with subtlety.
  • Being yourself is the best and easiest way to win friendship or even love if you are honest. It’s the first step and you cannot go wrong with this.
  • Always be truthful about yourself and your background. Do not ever make false claims which may come out later and cause embarrassment and ruin your image.


Love Rules On Your Date

Love is always in the air when you meet someone on a date.  It’s the aftermath of this meeting that tells you that what you can expect and what not. But if you wish to earn love you have to give love as well. There are small gestures that can work wonders for your relationship.

  • There are many who love to talk; and some who love to listen. You must listen as much as you talk.
  • Paying attention to your date is always a special step. It makes you endearing and nice apart from being a caring person.
  • Making each other feel comfortable with small gesture like extending your hand to help the other person get off or on or taking slow paces to walk with each other can be nice gestures.
  • Making each other feel important is important. Switch off your mobile phone and do not stare at someone in the next table.

At the end of this discussion on one of the most beautiful experiences of life it is important that you capture each moment of joy when you are on a dream date. They become wonderful memories of later life.  At that time focus on the present moment and not on your future with that person. 

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