Looking For a Date? Two Great Places to Look for Your Perfect Match

by on November 17, 2012

We’ve all had this experience before: it’s Saturday night and you’re going to be late meeting up with your friends because you were stressing over which shirt to wear to the newest and hippest club that you’re all headed to. Finally you leave your house, meet up with your group, and get to the club where you find that the lineup and cover charge are both horrendous. Once inside, you realize that although you try to avoid being one of those single people that grind up creepily on the dance floor, you really don’t have any more tricks up your sleeve and using conversation is next to impossible because of the noise. Already, things aren’t going too well.

Finally it’s the end of the night, and after getting in a few dances with drunk guys or gals who you will never see in your life again and spending a fortune on drinks and cab fare, you arrive home alone thinking “there has got to be a better way”. And you were right. For the reasons you just saw, conventional “pickup” places like bars and clubs are actually not the best places for meeting that special someone. Let’s take a look at two places where you may have more luck.

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Finding Love Alongside Literature

First of all, most places where there are people lounging around and not in a hurry are good ones for meeting single folks with time to kill. That being said, a bookstore would most likely be a better idea than a library because people are usually just browsing in bookstores, while in a library, many are actually trying to read or conduct research. You can still try starting conversations in libraries, just be forewarned that you may receive disapproving glances and shushes if you do. In a bookstore you are surrounded with conversation pieces much more interesting than the weather.

If you see a man or woman you would like to talk to, simply approach them in a laid-back manner and ask about the book they’re looking at. Books are a great conversation starter because you’re asking about something you know they are interested in and you come off as a guy or gal who is open to having a conversation with some intellectual content. Many bookstores now have coffee shops inside, and if the two of you are clicking, you can always offer to buy a coffee… which brings us to our next location.

Grab a Cup of Java and Meet a New Date

Coffee shops are another great place to meet new people. If you are a regular coffee drinker and you visit a local coffee shop somewhat frequently, odds are you probably recognize some familiar faces by now. If you don’t, take an hour and bring a book or some easy work to a coffee shop, order something, and just sit there. You’ll find there are lots of people there just relaxing and doing the same thing.

Oftentimes people prefer going to a coffee shop to do their work over staying in their own office or room because there’s that element of human interaction. Many people doing light work or relaxing at a coffee shop come by themselves, and most of the time will want to take a break from what they’re doing. There’s your opportunity. You can easily ask someone about their work as a conversation starter during one of these breaks, and in the relaxed atmosphere of a coffee shop, they will be more than likely to engage.

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