Important Dating Tips for Men

by on November 1, 2012

When you start dating it can be a minefield of things to do, things not to do, and everything else in between. However, if you follow a few tips, which can apply in general as well as in dating, it can help you in love and in life.

Look your best – always

It’s really important to try to look your best when you’re meeting someone new. And this doesn’t mean just putting on your best shirt. If it’s a first date, buy some new clothes and don’t dare forget those shoes. Women can tell what a man is like just by looking at his footwear. So make sure your footwear suits your style and make sure it’s not old and grubby.

Don’t rush from work – take your time

Next on the list is hygiene. You may wince at the thought of having to be told about personal hygiene standards but it’s something which has to be said. If you haven’t been to get a hair cut in a while now is the time. Next, make sure you bathe or shower just before going on the date. It’s not a good idea to arrange a date straight after you’ve been to work. Make sure you arrange that important first date when you’ve got lots of time to prepare. If you use aftershave apply it subtlety. Don’t be tempted to splash half a bottle of the strong stuff all over your body – this is a definite turn off. Next is the ‘Do I shave or don’t I shave?’ question. Many Hollywood actors now don the ‘rough’ look and many women think this looks great. But the best advice for a first date, if you’ve not got a beard, is to go clean shaven. If things progress, you can wear that ‘sexy’ look on subsequent dates.

Don’t like your job? – it’s time to move on

This might be a more long term point, but it can really make an impact – if you don’t like your job get a new one. If you’re unhappy at work this will translate to your home life too. If you’re grumpy because of an excessive workload or a have the wrong work/life balance, this will be reflected in your dates. Remember, you’ll be talking about work on your date and if your apathy about your job is expressed in detail to a new date it will harm your chances of another meeting.

Read the newspapers – you might learn something

If you are not one for current affairs it’s time to get interested. It doesn’t matter if the subject matter bores you to tears, you’ll need to keep the conversation flowing and you’ll only be able to do this if you have some up-to-date knowledge. You might be asked your opinion on a current topic, and not knowing about it is not an option.

First dates can be difficult and take a bit of practice, but if you are true to yourself and try to engage, whilst not being over the top, you should make the desired impact.

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Christine Renolds November 8, 2012 at 10:30 pm

Yes, I agree with these. As a general rule women like talking more than men, but it’s better when we can actually have a thoughtful discussion about something going on. The tricky part is avoiding subjects, like politics and religion, that might spell disaster for the conversation. Talking about current events, like Hurricane Sandy are safer to talk about than current events like the election.


Michael Belk November 28, 2012 at 3:48 am

I love your tips, you hit them right on the nail. I had a date I was looking forward to all day. I made sure everything went correct.I washed the car, bought new clothes, filled up, bought her favorite color of single rose. Even the rose meant something, it signified our first date.I arrived to pick her up with flowers in hand. Her Mother and Sister were so impressed, they told her to keep me.I won a lot of points that night. We went to the movies and dinner.We capped off the night beside a mosquito invested lake, but it did not matter because we both were enjoying each other.We rode to another city 1 hour away, we did not want to go home and when we finally got there I walked her to the door and I kissed her on the cheek.I was gold that night.


Michael Belk November 28, 2012 at 3:51 am

I feel like people do not put enough effort into love. I take love serious and it irritates me to date someone who does not.
Michael Belk recently posted..You flirt, I flirt, We all flirt?My Profile


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