How to Write an Online Dating Profile – For Men

by on August 9, 2011

Ok guys, this is you. This is for the average looking male that has decided to get into online dating and find the woman of his dreams, or just find a woman to hook up with, it doesn’t matter. If it did matter, you would not be here. You need help, you are seeing that you are not reeling in women left and right online and you have no reason why.

First off, you are probably an average looking guy. There is nothing wrong with that. But believe me, females that make online dating profiles, get bombarded with hundreds of emails from average looking guys all day. And guess what, many women join online dating sites – so they can find someone that can offer them more than one good night out and “I will never see you again”.

The average looking guy has to work harder than Fabio, Brad Pitt, Jacob from Twilight, and so on, so get over it.

It’s not really a secret of what women really want in a guy. Sure there are lots of qualities that they may say they want in a guy, such as sensitivity, good looks, money, loyalty, honesty, which is generally true,  but most women want a guy who is confident, has goals, and the confidence to follow through with those goals. Now being online, when setting up your profile, there are two of those things that you can show women who have never met you – and those are your ‘good looks’ and your confidence.

A woman who has never contacted you, seen you in person, chatted with you, only has your online dating profile to go off of. They cannot accurately determine if you are loyal, honest, sensitive, REALLY have money, etc. But they can get an idea of what you look like, and they can narrow down if you are confident in yourself or not by the end of reading your internet dating profile, if they even get that far.

I have talked about the online dating profile picture often, though that is a serious part of writing an online dating profile, for men, but let’s get to the actual profile essay and editing.

  1. First thing you guys have to do – is make sure that your profile essay is squared away. It would be good to come up with a online dating profile headline that’s witty, something that is going to grab a females attention. Remember all you have to do is stand out from the other 99 dudes that emailed the same girl you did that day, and you have your foot in the door!
  2. Be perfectly clear about what it is you want in life when writing your online dating profile. The more believable and ‘real’ you keep it, the better off you are. No need to tell people about your ‘dreams’ of becoming a millionaire.
  3. If you are a true millionaire, you better make sure you state that in your online dating profile. Whether you are ugly or not you should have no problem getting a girlfriend on the internet. This works best when you can post pictures that back up the facts though.
  4. Humor goes a long way on the internet – and if you haven’t noticed in real life also. Being humorous in your online dating profile isn’t always the easiest thing to do – some people just aren’t funny, but that is the beauty of the internet, there are millions of jokes, quotes and sayings that can get a laugh out of the opposite sex, just have to search for them, and put them to use!
  5. Be yourself when writing your online dating profile. If you don’t, then you are not really writing an online dating profile for someone that may be looking for you. If you are a nerd then say so, and don’t claim to be a nerd and make 50 grammatical errors when writing your essay.  If you’re a redneck, talk like one, type like one, be yourself. If you talk ghetto, then type ghetto – the whole point of online dating is to meet that person you match up with perfectly, which can be rather hard to find in real life.

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