How to Impress Your Lover

Impress Your Lover

by on August 29, 2011

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Relationships can be tricky in nature. This is because there are no fixed rules as to what works and what does not. Each relationship is highly individualistic and hence it is up to the two people involved therein to manage and nurture it. However, there are definitely some tried and tested ways to impress your lover. Here are a few ways in which you can show your lover that you care and make your relationship really work.

Be genuinely interested

If your lover has any interest or hobby, be genuinely interested in it. There are many real world examples of celebrity couples where the two partners belong to different professions. They are definitely not tuned in into the other person’s profession. But over a period of time, they make real efforts to be with the partner trying to understand the passion behind it.

Be hygienic

There is nothing wrong in keeping yourself well groomed. This really means that you are interested in your lover and make efforts to look good. Grooming does not mean that you spend hours in the beauty salon. Keeping yourself hygienic and smelling wonderfully fresh most of the times will surely keep your lover happy as well as close to you.

Be confident of who you are

Confidence in a person is a huge turn on. Being a confident person who is not afraid to tell his/her mind in an articulate manner is something that always works wonders with the opposite sex. A lover who is insecure and whines all the time is sure to get dumped someday or the other. At the same time, take care that your confidence does not get translated into over confidence. Do not hurt people. Be subtle and polite in whatever you do.

Trust your lover

Always trust your lover and make sure that you give no reason to the other person not to trust you. Be good and keep a smiling reassuring demeanor. Trust is a huge factor in a relationship. If you trust your partner during a relationship no matter what happens, it gives an impression that you love your lover very much and know him/her completely. Trust can lead you to have an eternally blissful relationship.

It is always better if your partner gets impressed by seeing the natural self of your personality. This is because, it is extremely hard to keep up the pretensions if any on a daily basis and the fact is over a longer period of time, you might slip up. When this happen, often the very myth of being a genuine person comes crashing down and the relationship is broken beyond repair. Hence, it is very important to let your true self shine through your deeds as well as your words.

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