How to Get a Girl to Give you Her Phone Number

by on March 18, 2012

Many guys would think it is easy to get the girls to give them their number, well, it is easy if you don’t play it hard. How to get a girl to give you her number- is the problem here but at times, it does not sound like a question at all; it sounded more like a desperate guy whining, believe it or not. Sometimes do you ever wonder why boys want to do this? There are many answers to this question, but it is not about why, you want her number, but it is about how to get her number?

Guys would think that by turning on their charming bulb on and blurting out an impressive line will make the girls go gaga and add…their number in your contact list, but it is not that easy. Many guys would like to take risks but is it worth it. As no pain no gain or maybe no risk no girl, but that is not the way, however, it works most of the time.

Some Basic Techniques to Get Her Phone Number

  • Never ask a girl their number without creating a positive connection and never be in a hurry because your haste will only make them feel uncomfortable and they might think what a douche bag you are so never force a girl for their number.
  • Never let the girl be confused by your hidden agenda just to get her number. She might give you a number, but it might be a wrong one.
  • Never run away after getting her phone number because this will make her feel like you wanted her number more than her.
  • Never be over the top overacting. Be formal as much as you can and never give cheap comments.

There are thousands of basic techniques but are you bored of these then here is a way that is easy, captivating and authentic ways you can get her to give you her number.

Know her and see what she needs

Girls would like the guys to play harder games so that, they could enjoy the show, but they don’t necessarily need that. Therefore, play a game by their needs and to play that, just be “fair”. Being fair does not mean to be perfect but it means to be genuine in what you do and what you are. Because what you are- is well enough to move a heart, and what you do- is attractive enough to impress an eye.

Do not take rejection seriously

Never let the rejection get inside your mind. However, what you should do in this situation is try again, create an impressive conversation and make her think you actually miss her and give her enough point that she will not regret by giving you her number.

All you have to do to learn how to get a girl to give you her number is have a little faith inside you, don’t give up if you get rejected or get fake numbers, just keep keeping at it and you will be successful!

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drew June 8, 2012 at 3:44 am

This really helped I now I am confident I can get my crush’s phone number. I really appreciate it.



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