How to BreakUp With Your Boyfriend

by on October 1, 2011

breakup with boyfriend

So you think you have had enough of his crap and need to move on? Are you sure that a breakup with your boyfriend is the only way out? If yes, then you must be wondering how to amicably move away from him? A lot of girls go through this predicament and I will tell you how to break up with your boyfriend.

Do it face to face

If you are sure that it’s over and want to dump your boyfriend, then you need to inform him. It is better that you tell him face to face and clean the air. Fix up a meeting place. Choose a place which is not crowded or where you have not met before. It is essential because the place should not evoke any memories in your boyfriend which will make the matter worse.

Keep it straight

Be straight with him. Clearly tell him that you want to part your way. Be sensitive to his feelings but dragging matters will only make him feel worse. Make it clear that there is no chance of reconciliation otherwise he will harbor hopes of getting you back.

Come out with the truth

Your boyfriend deserves to know why you are breaking up with him. Be truthful and let him know the real reasons. If any third person is involved, do tell him. Discuss with him the problems you were facing in the relationship and why you want to break up. Be respectful towards his feelings and do not use false reasons for breaking up.

If your boyfriend has cheated on you or has used you as a doormat then tell him candidly that you know the truth and are not ready to take it anymore.

Let him accept the truth

Your boyfriend will take time to accept the truth. He may ask you a lot of questions. Help him to understand why it has become impossible for you to carry on with him. Explain why the break up is needed for both of you and it is time that you move ahead in life.

Keep it clean

You may assure your boyfriend that you will continue to be friends but in reality for the initial days you should not meet often. Having you still around will hurt him more.

Wish him good luck and sign off on a friendly note. Do not leave any scope for resentment to breed.

Try to refrain from breaking up with you boyfriend via text messaging or facebook. We all know that it happens all the time, but in all reality that is a pretty chicken shit way of ending a relationship, and not the mature way of how you should break up with your boyfriend.

Breaking up with your boyfriend is a difficult decision. But once you have decided for it go ahead and be assertive. Be firm in your decision and move ahead with life.

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adultdating January 10, 2012 at 8:14 am

totally right. there’s no sense in thinking ‘no, what if he gets hurt (of course he’ll be hurt, are you kiddin)’. so just say it straight but do it the right way, avoid saying too bold words- this move is gonna make him vulnerable. make him feel that no matter what, you’re still grateful for whatever you shared… and keep good memories.


yummielicious January 26, 2012 at 6:05 am

breaking up is hard to do .. but if its needed .. you must do it .. if you think breaking up is the best way and you will be happy on your decision, why not?.. but please be reminded that after the break up .. all things will be change .. the things that you usually do will not be the same again.. and of course the man involved.. he will not be the man you love before.. maybe he will treat you as a stranger, or as a friend .. but most of the time .. A stranger .. in this case , you must be ready for all consequences you will take ..


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