How to Avoid a Bad First Date

by on September 28, 2011

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Now you are going on that first date….whether you met this person on the internet, or you’ve known them through friends, or maybe it’s even a blind date. Either way, first dates are pretty stressful and nerve wrecking for most of us, and because of that, a lot of the times we mess them all up. So from reading through many articles and basing the success and failures from past first dates, I’m going to attempt to help you out, and avoid that bad first date. Start by checking out the article I wrote on best first date ideas, as what you do on your first date will play a role on whether it’s successful or not.

What You Shouldn’t Discuss on the First Date

Wherever you and your date decide to go it doesn’t matter, in my opinion these are some subjects that you should leave out of your first date discussions.

Keep your ex’s out of the conversation. Reason being this usually just leads to negativity. It also shows your first date that you are possibly still interested in them. These conversations usually come up, if they do, keep it brief and then quickly change the subject. It’s never a good subject for the first date.

If you have something negative to say – keep it out of the conversation. No one wants to hear how bad you hate your job or your roommate, when they are just trying to get to know you. With that being said, some pretty touchy subjects you may want to avoid are religion and politics. Or you may not, if you both have the same beliefs on religion and politics then more power too you, if not, then you may not even get the chance for that second date if the subject is brought up.


Stay Away from your Cell Phone on Your First Date

These days our cell phones are becoming a pretty important asset in our daily lives, especially if you are fortunate enough to own a smart phone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really set a good impression of yourself if you are on a date, especially the first date! Here’s some tips on how you should handle your cell phone on your first date.

Don’t check-in using a Facebook or Foursquare app – just don’t do this please.

Do not answer any text messages while you are hanging out with your date…..

Don’t be text messaging while you are with your date.

Do not have an annoying ass ringtone sounding off – in fact, put your phone to vibrate and only answer if it’s an emergency. Your cell phone can be your worst enemy if you are trying to impress your first date. Your best bet is to just put your cell phone away and pay attention to your DATE !

If you Must Drink – Drink Socially…

..not stupidly. There is no worst first impression you can make on a person than to show them that you can’t handle your alcohol. Then you blurt out whatever is on you mind, you tell them how much you love them even though you don’t know them at all, you talk about your ex’s, and heck you may even get into a bar fight because someone else is moving in on what you think is your ‘territory’.


Do you have any tips on how to avoid a bad first date? If so drop a comment below :)





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