Hot tips to turn on your boyfriend

turn on your boyfriend

by on August 30, 2011

submitted by Angela

Do you miss the spark in your relationship? Do you want your boyfriend to love you like before? Adding spice to your relationship is easy with little bit of imagination and creativity. If you are wondering how then here are some tips for you.

Visual appeal always works on men. You should be confident about your own sexuality. If you feel sexy he will find you too. Wear makeup and clothing that makes you sexy and your boyfriend will positively respond to it.

Do you remember the first days of your relationship? How you used to snuggle together on the dance floor or gave each other flirtatious looks? You can still flirt with your boyfriend. Give him suggestive touches and see how sparks begin to fly again. Only remember not to overdo anything. Being subtle is the key.

The golden rule of turning your boyfriend on is perhaps variety. Being naughty sometimes will add spice to your love life. Just do something that you have never done before and see how your boyfriend enjoys it. Take him for a surprise dinner and whisper sweet nothings in his ear, or leave a message in his mobile when he is not there. A flirty phone call during the lunch hour can also do the trick. Be innovative and try different things and you will soon discover a spiced life.

Food for romance will be an excellent idea to turn on your boyfriend. Heart shaped fried egg, cookies with “I love you” written over them or a heart shaped cupcake will definitely make your boyfriend realize how much you adore him. Your boyfriend will simply find you irresistible with all the attention you shower on him.

Role playing turns men on. You must be knowing his fantasies. No matter how weird they are dress up accordingly and welcome him home. You can be a sexy police officer or a washing woman. Shade your inhibitions and simply have fun.

To give a new meaning to your sexual relationship let your wild side out. Watch adult videos together and try new things. Actually people who have been long in a relationship often get into a routine which bores them. By trying new things you will be giving your relationship a new lease of life. Have sex in different places or try new positions. Surprisingly you will start enjoying your togetherness like never before.

Try these tips and see how easy it is to turn on your boyfriend. Be creative and make him groove to your music.


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adultdating January 10, 2012 at 8:09 am

this is one naughty post and i’m liking -well yeah, its very important to keep your relationship constantly interesting. if you don’t, it’ll eventually just vanish.


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