Holiday Dating Do’s and Don’ts

by on December 21, 2011

What You Must Know To Make A Great Impression During The Festive Season


The holidays are extremely stressful. There’s so much to do: presents to buy, family to see, parties to attend, etc. Now, throw dating into the mixture and the stress level can skyrocket tremendously.  That’s why people look for holiday dating dos and don’ts when dating to help them make the right impression on their significant other.


How To Make The Right Holiday Impression When Dating: 3 Things You Should Not Do


1 – Don’t Feel Obligated To Bring Him/Her To The Party


Believe it or not, just because you’re dating someone doesn’t mean you’re obligated to invite them to every single party. In fact, you can go stag or with another friend if you want. Sometimes, especially if the relationship is still in its infancy stage, it’s best to invite him/her to parties that don’t involve special occasions like your work’s Christmas party. However, if you want to invite them, bring it up to your significant other, making sure to add in that it’s not an obligation.


2 – Don’t Bring Him/Her Home To Meet The Parents…Just Yet
Unless you’ve been dating for some time, it’s never a good idea to bring home a new “beau” or “petite amie” to meet your family. After all, he/she may not be ready to meet them (and feel obligated to go because you asked) or your family may turn him/her away from you by doing or saying something. Don’t forget that some families tend to bring the worst out in folks during the holiday season. Do you really want your new man/woman to see you acting in a childish manner?


3 – Don’t Purchase Expensive Gifts (or Any Gifts)


Buying gifts should not be done if you’ve just started dating someone. If you’ve been dating for some time, then you shouldn’t buy anything expensive. For example, men shouldn’t purchase a diamond ring for a woman he’s just recently started dating; women shouldn’t purchase something extravagant that their man likes. Why? It can send the wrong message and cause that person to run for the hills. If you want to give them a gift, make sure it’s something fun, light and inexpensive.


How To Make The Right Holiday Impression When Dating: 3 Things You Should Do


1 – Do Your Own Holiday Events


When you’re dating someone, you still make a conscious effort to maintain a life without your significant other, right? You should! Now, this thought also goes for events during the holiday season. You don’t always have to be with your significant other especially if you just started dating. Do take time out for your other friends and loved ones.


2 – Do Spend Some Time Together During The Holidays


Just because you shouldn’t bring your new mate to the holiday Christmas party or your parents’ house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see them at all. While both of you should do your own thing, you still need to spend time together. Be sure to set some time aside to spend with your significant other.


3 – Do Have A Good Time
When you are spending the holidays with your significant other, be sure to keep stress down to a minimum. Remember, the holidays are extremely stressful and can result in fights and breakups. If someone around you causes you stress, steer clear of them. If you maintain a positive outlook on things, everything can turn out pleasant.

Side Note:  One more important tip to bear in mind is to steer clear of alcohol. Most folks think that alcohol will ease the stress and tension they feel. However, it only increases a person’s mood and resentment, which causes them to do stupid, offensive things.  That does not mean you can’t have a glass of wine or two but you shouldn’t drink to get drunk.


Dating during the holidays can be extremely difficult. However, the tips above help ensure that your relationship makes the right impression and won’t end in heartache and breakup during this very festive season.

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