Excuses to End a Bad Date

by on April 14, 2012

Let us admit it. We all have had bad dates. You sign up for a free online dating site, you connect with someone that you think might be that special someone. You fix up a date after a long time. Butterflies flutter in your stomach. You start dreaming about a great date but the moment you meet your dating partner in person for the first time… you know that things are not right. You are as different as a chalk and a cheese and the date becomes a nightmare for you. What would you do? What excuses can you use to end the bad date? Let us see how you can end a bad date and do not feel bad about it.

Are you sure about the date?

Before you take any step, make sure that the date is really a bad one. I mean, often it happens that a person is in tension and looks jittery. You take him or her to be doltish or uninteresting. Just relax and try to make that person chill also. Take control of the situation and crack a few jokes. Try to ease the situation. If in spite of all efforts, you find the date going a dead end, there is no option but to say quits.

Provide a sensible excuse

If you do not have the heart to say the truth, resort to some excuses. Go to the washroom and fix up a friend to get you from there. Simply ask that friend to call you and in front of your date discuss about some emergency in your house or office and that you have to go. Leave in a haste and say a sorry to your date. This is probably one of the best excuses to end a bad date. With that being said, notify some of your friends that you are meeting your online date for the first time, and if things don’t go the way you want them too, have them ready standing by, to help bail you out of the bad date.

Use your acting skills

Suddenly remember that it is your parent’s anniversary or your sister’s birthday and that you have to rush home early. Excuse yourself and leave your date.

Spell the truth

These excuses are harmless and do not hurt anyone. You can create ones that are more ingenious and keep them in stock. But honesty is always the best way. Trust me, it would be always better to tell the truth and take your leave.

You do not have to be rude and mention how your partner’s dressing sense or jokes have put you off. Be firm and say that you are not compatible with each other and there is no point in wasting time and so you would want to end the date. A handshake at the end and an emphatic bye will be enough to make the person realize that you are no longer interested. This will also ensure that you will not receive any further calls from this person.

Do not be in a hurry to pull the plug. Evaluate and then only take a decision. Make sure that you do not hurt anyone’s feelings and end the date amiably.

What are your thoughts? If you have been in the situation where you had to end a bad date, share with us what excuse you used …

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Martin Cooney
May 12, 2012 at 6:11 am

Honestly, truth is the best policy here. OK, do combine it with some diplomacy but at the end of the day, if you have to lie then you aren’t worth dating in the first place.

I always made it a point to be both honest and direct in what’s going to happen next and a lot of times, it was simply a matter of saying “Thanks for the coffee and it was great meeting you. I don’t have that feeling that I’m really all that compatiable with you.”.

That’s all you have to do. No hurt, total honesty and the other person knows, in no uncertain terms, that they don’t have to sit on the edge of their chair thinking whether you’re going to call them back for a second date.

Job done, no-one’s hurt.
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June 22, 2012 at 5:42 pm

I don’t agree that if you have to lie to someone you barely know that you aren’t worth dating in the first place.

I agree that honesty is the best policy, but sometimes you get on a date with a person who just doesn’t get. For instance, I went out with a guy who was pretty clueless with his social skills. I told him I wasn’t interested in him ‘that way’ but we could still be friends. So, we were hanging out and he leaned over and asked me if were ‘boyfriend and girlfriend ‘ now – in all seriousness. Unfortunately, the truth didn’t work with him because he just didn’t get it.
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