Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

by on May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Memorial Day weekend is among us once again, and for those that have are actively dating someone or engaged in a meaningful relationship, take advantage of this holiday and do something special (if your lucky enough to not be working that is). Remember though Memorial Day is dedicated to all of our fallen comrades that bravely served in the armed forces.

If you are stuck on Memorial Day date ideas, I have came up with a some suggestions from my own experience that may spice up your relationship with your partner and have some fun this weekend.


Go Out to the Beach

Of course a date night or day on the beach won’t apply to everyone, but for those that happen to be close enough to the ocean might want to get out and get some fresh air. There’s numerous activities couples can take part in while on a beach. Bring a radio, chairs, food, beer (if allowed), drinks, Frisbees, take part in a volley ball game, swim, tan, and so much more.

If you really want to make your date day special for the two of you, check out parasailing and see if you have any local parasailing businesses at your beaches. Usually if you are by a popular beach, then there is parasailing there. Give your relationship some zing by being a little adventurous.

After reading other Memorial Day date ideas throwing a bonfire party on the beach at night seems to be one of the hip things to do for singles.

Picnic or Barbecue at a Park

Many parks provide grilles for their patrons. Some may require to reserve a shelter, but many are open on a first come first serve basis. If you can, organize a couples date with some of your friends and do a double date at the park and bring plenty of stuff to grill. Getting out with your partner and socializing with friends in the outdoors can be for an eventful Memorial Day weekend with lots of fun.

Hiking or Camping Trip

The theme here is get outdoors – get in touch with nature with your partner and share some quality time together, where there usually won’t be anyone else around. Take pictures, bring plenty of water, and laugh the night away with only the two of you. Be spontaneous, if you are up on the ropes about what should couples do on Memorial Day then this is pretty much a no fail plan, as long as one of you has some boy scout skills :)

Sporting Events

If you got the money and like racing, and happen to have the money to get to Indianapolis, the take your significant other the Indy 500. I know this isn’t the ideal date idea on Memorial Day for most, but for the couples that enjoy watching racing together this is absolutely perfect, as this has been a dedicated event since 1911.

The other sporting events that occur during Memorial Day and weekend are basketball and baseball. In my opinion a date to sporting event on Memorial Day weekend is the perfect date idea for couples.

Memorial Day Parade

Pay tribute to fallen soldiers by being apart of a Memorial Day parade. You and your significant other can view festivities, eat good food and cheer on in memory of our fallen comrades. Memorial Day parades vary from city to city, but you can easily find out if one is going on near you by reading the newspaper or doing a simple search online.

These are just some Memorial Day dating ideas that I have done in the past and had a blast with my girlfriend taking part in them. This weekend I plan on taking her out on the boat to a waterfront restaurant, then leaving on the boat right before sunset so we can watch the sunset together.

What about you, what date ideas for Memorial Day do you have?

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