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by on August 31, 2011

Put a little romance back in your relationship, pull out all the stops, be the King or Queen of romance.

Kings : Dinner and a Driver

Start the date early, send her flowers at the office, and tell her a driver will call for her at a specified time. Have the driver pick you up first, be waiting in the limo with champagne and strawberries. Set the mood with the privacy window up and mood music softly playing. Stop by her apartment if needed so she can change (factor this into your reservation time as well as traffic). Call ahead to the restaurant and pre order the meal; don’t forget to include her favorite dessert and cocktail. After dinner enjoy a chauffeured drive along a romantic route stopping to enjoy a view if possible or an evening dancing the night away at her favorite club.

Romance at High Noon

If the object of your affection has a full schedule and is in need of a little romance during her work day, take her lunch. Plan ahead and check with her secretary or boss as to that day’s schedule, include them in your scheme if you can. Stop by a deli or restaurant you know she loves, order her favorite sandwich, chips and drink (sparkling water or cider to avoid any lunch time drinking in the office), pack up a picnic basket, a blanket for the “ground” and a nature sounds CD. Surprise her with a picnic in the office.

Queens: Surprises for Him

Men love surprises, and they love gifts. Don’t let them tell you they don’t. By now you should know his favorite junk food, indulge him. Pick up a medium sized basket at the craft store, line it with a napkin or scrap of fabric in a theme near and dear to his heart, fill it with all his favorite snacks, junk food and any other vice he may have along with his favorite action movie. Settle in to a pleasant evening of being the best thing since sliced bread.

Go Fast Afternoon

Rent for the day the coolest sports car you can afford, pack a snack and a bottle of sparkling cider, pick him up and hand him the keys. You are the navigator so have your directions ready. Pick a destination or activity you know he has been wanting. Can’t think of one, a scenic drive stopping for every silly little road side attraction will always fit the bill.

No matter what you do for your king or queen, no matter what the expense, it is always the time and planning that go into it that count. Pay attention the next time he or she mentions something might be fun. Listen to their retelling of a friend’s recent date. Take mental notes. The right answer to the best romantic date is often the simple things that make any evening together special and memorable.

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