Be a Winner: How to Impress a Lady on the First Date

by on September 10, 2012

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With the recent global obsession with the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, men everywhere have been perplexed and intrigued as to what is it exactly that is making women so transfixed.

I will not launch into a review, analysis or synopses of these books now, have no fear.

I will however offer you some insight into how the main character has been able to grip the hearts and loins of over 40 million female readers in the last year.

Deep down we all still crave being swept off our feet by a real gentleman who knows exactly how to treat a lady.

I quizzed a number of my friends on the subject of first dates and what characteristics came out on top. It was interesting to find that there were four main winning traits that were mentioned over and over again.


A man who walks awkwardly into a restaurant, reads the menu with shaky hands, doesn’t know what to order, leaves all the decision making up to you and never actually expresses a concrete point of view on anything, will have many of us ladies reaching for our coats as quickly as possible.

If you take a woman out on a date, be confident and let that belief in yourself shine through. Walk confidently with a straight back, give her lots of eye contact, smile warmly and hold your own in the conversation.

Listening skills

So many men trip over this vital skill and you must know that with women, it is absolutely essential if you want to win the first date brownie points.

Many men sit there and nod while she chats about her pilates classes, while secretly wondering what she looks like in her underwear.

We know when you’re not listening and we immediately make a mental note.

Some mischievous ladies (myself included) will trail off and say something completely absurd and unrelated, to test the listening skills.

If I still get the glazed over expression and inane nodding, I’m mentally deleting that phone number there and then.

Good Manners

A man who chews with his mouth open, doesn’t hold the door for me and asks me to pay half the bill on the first date is going nowhere near my bedroom. Ever.

Gallantry is still a sought after trait in a potential mate, so think long and hard about your manners and how you can improve them to show this lady what you’re made of.

Chew with your mouth closed, do not talk with your mouth full, do not lick your knife, hold the door open for her, walk on the road side of the pavement and take her hand when you’re crossing the road.


Your style is what speaks for you before you do. Consider your outfit with care; do not overdress, do not drape yourself in visible designer gear (it tells us that you’re a bit vain and trying too hard) and do not attempt a hugely daring style at the beginning.

Simple but classic is the best way. Go for a well fitted pair of tailored jeans with a stylish button down shirt, with a couple of undone buttons but not too many. And don’t wear a medallion. It will bring back memories of holiday romances with Greek waiters.

A respectable pair of shoes, a clean shave and a nice watch will all give a very good first impression as well.

These are small things that a woman will notice. It means you care about your appearance but are not obsessed with it.

Follow these tips and you can’t go too wrong. Let me know how you get on and feel free to share any other first date tips below…

Susannah Perez is an insatiable fashion blogger with a certain level of expertise in the dating world. She writes for Gagliardi Shirts, enabling her to advise the men in her life on the latest designer trends

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