5 Ways to Impress Your Lady on the First Date

impress your first date

by on August 11, 2011

Yet some more dating advice for the guys that are out there, taking their lady out for the first time. Basically what you want to do is to get that second date, following these tips are not going to guarantee you a second date, but they will help and they have helped me in the past.

1. Make Her Feel Special

When you are on the date you want to make her feel like a princess. Greet her with flowers and a kiss on the palm, open the door for her if such a situation arises. Make her feel like ‘today’ is a fairytale for her. Do this and you are surely on your way to a second date.

2. Give Her Your Undivided Attention

Maintain eye contact with her as much as you can. Be interested in what it is she is talking about. Whatever you do, do not be checking out the other women that are around, even if it is for a split second, even if you think that she isn’t looking. And for god sakes man, put your damn phone away, don’t be ‘texting’ or checking if your facebook friends have updated their status. Unless it is an emergency, don’t even answer your damn smart phone!

3. Don’t Talk About Yourself Too Much

Sure she might ask you a couple of questions about yourself, and answer them nicely. Try to refrain from being the bad ass you are – if you are self centered – don’t be like that, though you probably won’t be able to help it and mess it all up anyway. Keep the talk about your ex-girlfriend to a bare-none if possible, if not, then a bare minimum at the most.

4. Don’t Be Cheap

If y’all go out to dinner and when it comes down to the bill – don’t be cheap guys. Even if she offers to pay half, don’t do it, she is just testing you. Fork over the money and pay the bill, even if she ‘insists’ on paying half don’t give in. Also, don’t be a cheap ass when it comes to leaving a tip either, that is not a good impression on your first date, it pretty much tells them that you are a cheap ass.

5. Be a Gentleman

When it comes to the end of the date, try and be a gentleman. If the date went in such a way, that she gave you no reasons or anything to ask her to come over to your place, or up to hers, then don’t push it. Hope that she calls you back within the next couple days, and maybe she will be worth it. If she is begging you to come upstairs to her place, then that is a decision you are going to half to make yourself.

In my experience just as many relationships work out just fine when people sleep together on the first date, versus those that want to wait to get to ‘know’ each other better.


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