5 Signs She’s Not Into You Anymore

by on April 28, 2012

She doesn't love you anymoreSorry guys, it happens, when you first met the two of you had excellent chemistry, but just recently you started seeing signs that she’s no longer interested in you. See most women won’t even bother to tell you that they are not interested in you anymore because they are cowards. So instead of breaking the relationship off like an adult she may just give you hints and signs that she no longer loves you anymore, and drive you insane to the point that you have to break up with her.

If you are having relationship problems guys, and you think that she has lost interest in you, here are a couple of sure warning signs that your relationship is coming to an end.

1. She Slows Down the Texting – If the two of you used to text each other all the time, it’s was because at that time she was really into you. If this all of the sudden slows down or stops, this can be a good indication that she’s not into you anymore. You can also check to see if she takes a long time to respond back to your texts, especially with just one word replies. Here’s more information on why she doesn’t text back anymore that may help you out.

2. She Doesn’t Call Anymore or Doesn’t Answer the Phone Often – Another telltale sign that she’s no longer interested in you. Maybe your girlfriend is going through some problems and this might only be temporary, but I wouldn’t count on it. Women love to talk on the phone, and won’t try to end a phone conversation if they are really in love with you still.

3. She Doesn’t Get Jealous Anymore – When the two of you are in public or watching a movie, and you are checking out and admiring other women and she doesn’t get mad like she used to. This is another pretty strong sign she doesn’t love you anymore.

This type of relationship warning though may not hold any weight if she was just the type of girlfriend that would never get jealous in the first place. But if she would get jealous when you would admire another girl in the beginning of the relationship, but now doesn’t even blink or change emotion when you are checking out other chicks, then sorry dude, she’s probably lost interest in you.

4. Less Hugs and Kisses – You might notice less passion in her hugs and kisses she’s given you, if you are fortunate enough to still get those. She may also not say sexy things to you anymore and constantly try to avoid you, another bad, bad warning sign in a relationship that’s going downhill.

5. No More Sex – Has it been a couple weeks since you’ve had sex or slept with your girlfriend? Or maybe she just gives it to you when she’s drunk. This is another sure sign that she’s lost complete interest in you.

If you are noticing these signs from your girlfriend then you can bet that it’s going to come to an end. Fear not dude, there are plenty of women out there, go out to the bars and meet single women, the grocery store, park, beach, sign up for a free online dating site. Just quit torturing yourself if you are seeing these signs she’s not interested in you anymore and end the relationship.

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May 2, 2012 at 4:15 pm

There are many signs to know she’s not in to you and my favorite is when she talks about other guys being attractive, she’s not that into you.
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Richa Khandelwal May 9, 2012 at 9:58 am

I just don’t agree when you say woman are cowards. If that’s true for women , then it is also correct that men too at times don’t bother to tell they are not interested. I guess the title would be more apt as- 5 signs your partner is not into you anymore.


June 7, 2012 at 4:36 pm

I agree. Actually that’s really offensive. Women are not cowards, they are empathic, a quality that contributes to them not wanting to hurt a guy.
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Purnima May 22, 2012 at 7:33 am

All the signs mentioned in the post indisputably do point out that she is not into you anymore. However I think all these signs stand invariably true for both the partners. But also feel that if you sense these signs at the outset issues can be fixed. Thanks for the share . I could relate to the post quite well.


Ozzy July 25, 2012 at 2:07 am

Women are very emotional creatures. I agree that many would not say anything for the very reason that they don’t wish to hurt the guy but this those not mean that they are empathic. They just can’t bring them self to be the one to end it, they rather have the guy to end it so she can walk away not feeling bad and be able to say “well he was the one who dumped me”. Think about it, if women really didn’t want to hurt thier guy by not telling them and insted just giving them all these painful hints they would understand that it is way more pain seeing their girlfriend slowy drifting away then just being honest from the begining when she started to lose intrest in her guy. So in a way I can understand why the word “coward” is used here. If women really were empathic as Bellaisa stated, woman would not do crule things like hopeing that their guys would get the hints. If this was the other way around a woman would not like it one bit and insted tell him why he didn’t say anything and getting hurt and to make it worse make the guy feel bad about what he done.


Chox February 11, 2013 at 9:51 pm

this is exactly what she is doing to me. l love her but i think i can’t go on


Puffy March 2, 2013 at 2:24 am

Women are scum when it comes 2 this topic, the truth is if you’re not into him than tell him right away. Holding out your feelings to spare someone else’s feelings is wrong.
It hurts the man more by not being straight up.
That’s why when it ends Sour it only creates hatred for that person.
No one Likes getting hurt and no woman has the right too hurt a person so she can feel good about herself later.
Karma is a bitch n that’s the truth


David March 21, 2013 at 8:13 am

This is wrong on so many levels, I already saw some poor guy comment on this saying “my girlfriend does this” probably acting all odd around him and stuff.
My girlfriend has recently laid off the texting and to be honest, reading this has made me realise how stupid i’m being -_-
When the texting slows down, the calls are less frequent and the hugs and kisses aren’t happening all the time it can mean they are going off you, are more into you or even that they have just passed their stage of what we call “the honeymoon period”
First off, the honeymoon period differs between people! It’s often that you or they stay in the honeymoon period longer than the other partner.
So first off, less texting and calling can either mean they are not into you. This is simple, plain avoidance. Meaning, they don’t text you back and make excuses, they don’t call you at all and they don’t answer your calls either. They constantly blow you off when you asked to see them and they’re always much too busy for you!
Another reason they cut down on the texting is because of the exact opposite! I mean, come on. You’ve been in that position before, I’m sure!
You’re texting away, day in and day out and then suddenly, one day they don’t reply for a while!!! It’s unusual and you start to irrationally rather than simply thinking “well they could be busy” instead you’re thinking “OMG! I’m being such a lurk!!!, I need to lay off the texts!” So what do you do? You text much less, you start test yourself and wait for the other person to text first.
Limiting your replies and not saying much because you’re scared of pushing that person away.
Meanwhile, the other person is freaking out because you’ve suddenly stopped showing so much interest! So what do they do?
Exactly the same thing! They look back through their texts and start to think “oh, maybe I’ve been texting too much as well! I don’t want to scare this person off, I think I’ll lay off the texting”
Now you’re getting even more freaked out because communication has pretty much grinded to a halt! From there it’s only a matter of time before you both break under the pressure and blurt out a million and one texts to one another in the space of 5 minutes about how much you care for one another -_-
The final reason that texts can slow down slightly and calls can be a little less frequent is because, they know they’ve got you! Honey moon season is over.
They’re winding down because they don’t feel like they need to constantly go that extra mile for you! I mean, come on. You can’t always be going that extra mile for your partner. It’d end up being extremely exhausting. So the calls and texts slow down a little bit, your partner goes ahead and sends you about 2-3 texts per day to see how you’re doing.
Maybe a quick call, some days they don’t even text at all! But as soon as you exit the honey moon period you’ll be much less bothered by it. Because you’re much more confident in the strength of your relationship.
In a nut shell, three of the 5 reasons a girl is not into you isn’t entirely accurate, sure. They are valid signs. But they are not deal breakers like this article makes them out to be.


Broken Empennage March 24, 2013 at 4:40 pm

I like these and they are indeed in my opinion good signs that things are rocky between a couple and I agree with the other people who commented. Im in a situation where I am unsure of what the outcome will be, I have lots of faith and quite optimistic sp I try my best to understand her actions. Shes a premed so its understandable that she wont have much time to text and call oftwn especially since exams are round the corner. At the beginning it was typical honeymoon stage text all day long, cant go one min without saying something or calling, I complimented her a lot and let her know how I felt for her everyday, even if that was done with good intentions that almost pushed her away, ironic isnt it the one thing youd expect to leep her almost drove her away, the irony killed. We are still dating and its six months now, we only see each other once a week sometimes and we sometimes barely talk but she says she loves me and I see her as a genuine person so I believe her and she bold and straightforward so I am inclined to believe that if anything was wrong shed tell me. I cang help but think that theres someone else in the picture though because shes always on whatsapp and fb but even so that doesnt mean that she indeed is messing around, we twll each other everyrhing at least I but I trust thay she does too and I beliebe she is but sometimes guys insecurity kicks in and I think of all negativity but I dont tell her because I dont want to ruin anything, wanna marry her one day. Moral is we cant go on without trust because our girls are attractive sad truth is we arent the only ones that see that and there are guys out there that lack respect for couples and will attempt to get your girl but thats where the trust snd loyalty comes in because one hand cant clap, of she doesnt give in to what the guy says then there wont be anything to happen but if she gives in shes just as guilty and that unforgivable.


Bryce April 15, 2013 at 9:07 pm

Omg.. I think she does not love me anymore.. D: This sucks and I feel like iv been in denial now. I love her with a passion of 17 suns but i think im going to have to end it. I feel like my life is over.. :(


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