Each woman is extremely different in her own ways. While one woman may be looking for a real manly man, another may prefer someone with a more modern look about him to match her own personal style. Before finding the man of your dreams, dating is an absolute must. Dating allows you to get a feel for the person and learn about their interests and way of life.

Over time, you may find yourself falling more and more in love with this person, giving you that happy ending that you have always dreamed of. For the everyday modern woman to succeed in the love department, it is especially important to stay safe, take precautions and be careful while on dates. You never really know what someone’s true intentions are while dating, so these safety tips will help you to steer clear of danger.

Meet in a Public Area

Meeting in a public space is by far one of the most important safety tips for dating. This is highly recommended whether you are meeting someone for the first time, second time or are on a blind date. By meeting in a public area, you are taking away some of the dangers that could occur. A public place puts you around many other people.

In the event that something was to happen or go wrong, there are sure to be others nearby who will be able to help you out. In most cases, men will not prey upon their dates while others are present. If the date is going well, you can always take it to a more intimate area after the initial meeting. If things do get a little more advanced – like the exchange of addresses – but you still aren’t quite sure it might be wise to invest in some home security measures. Locking the doors and closing your shades at night are fine – if you are especially concerned, however, it might be time to invest in a home security provider like www.besthomesecurity.com or any of the many services out there.

Do Not Drink Alcohol

It is best to not drink alcohol at all while on a date. If you must drink alcohol, only take it in small quantities and watch how much you have been drinking. It is easy for someone to take advantage of their date if they are drunk or even a little tipsy. Alcohol is also known to impair your judgment, leading you to do things that you may regret later. Always make sure that your drink is with you at all times and is never left alone with your date.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Before going on your date, talk with a friend or loved one and let them know where you will be and who you will be with. If something goes wrong on the date, you’re just not feeling it or something in your gut is telling you that you need to leave, contact your friend and let them know that you need to get out of the situation.

It is also recommended to have a friend call you about 15 minutes into the date to make sure that you’re doing fine. By saying a “signal word” to let them know that you need to leave, an excuse can be made up to get you out of the situation immediately.

Drive Your Own Vehicle

Taking your own vehicle on the date allows you to leave on your own when you feel it is necessary. Taking public transportation or a taxi can take time, making you stand outside waiting, subjecting you to more danger. Having your own transportation provides you with the freedom and ability to do whatever you want and to escape a dangerous situation if needed.


More than 1 in 3 relationships may end in divorce nowadays, and with the increasing popularity of internet dating it’s possible to shop for our partners online in the same way as we order groceries or browse for a new outfit. In our disposable 21st century world, is it even more important to make a fuss of special occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries if we want to keep the romance in our relationships alive?

As journalist Lucy Beresford reminds us in a recent article about getting your relationship back on track, ‘love isn’t just something we “fall” into and stay in permanently’. We know that relationships have to be worked at and sustained in the same way that we would nurture any living thing. If you don’t pay attention to your relationship, just as if you fail to take care of a house plant, it won’t be able to survive indefinitely.

While celebrating anniversaries and Valentine’s is not necessarily the hallmark of a perfect relationship, how we approach special occasions can reveal a lot about the romance in question. Arguably, Valentine’s Day is more important to women than their male partners. Psychologist Dr Neil Clark Warren, the founder of dating website eHarmony, says this is down to men’s and women’s differing perspectives on what makes them feel good.

For women, when their partner remembers an anniversary or special occasion, it’s a sign they’re being kept in mind and cared about. For men, celebrating these occasions doesn’t seem so important as an indicator of their partner’s love. And for either gender, what really counts is not extravagant demonstrations, but the thought that goes into a gift or anniversary treat.

Buying Valentine’s Day presents and taking your partner out to celebrate are not crucial for keeping romance alive, but by marking occasions in this way you can show your partner how much he or she means to you. It’s a good way to demonstrate that you don’t take them for granted. In a long­-term relationship, once your lives have settled into a routine, things can start to seem ordinary and mundane, and either partner can easily start to feel that they are just part of the furniture.

This is really the key to why celebrating special occasions can help to keep the romance alive in a relationship. So if you want to let your partner know that they are still the most amazing thing in your life – even after many years together – make sure you mark these occasions in some way. Don’t let Valentine’s Day pass by without doing something to show your partner you still care. It’s little things like this that can make all the difference in a long-term relationship.

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